Payments made easier whether it is shopping online, in apps, or in stores, save time & hassle at checkout. No more filling forms or heavy pockets. Shop where you like, when you like with a simple click, scan and pay providing an easy and secure way to pay. You would love the simplicity and the convenience of using the latest technology and being one step closer towards a cashless society.


DirectPay, a fintech startup in the payments industry of Sri Lanka which was founded in the year 2017. This is aimed at providing financial inclusion through cashless means providing affordability and accessibility to all users and merchants. Our industry are verticals cater to retail and restaurants(supermarkets, corner shops and sunday pola), third party integrations with in app payment facility (pizzahut, uber and pickme) and online payments (e-commerce sites). We also facilitate multi channel payment platform so that we aim on building an ecosystem where everyone can make payments simply , securely and quickly with the help of our seamless technology. All the founder are well known to each other as they have been knowing each other for 2-6 years. They have been working together on many different projects together, therefore understand each other’s potentials very well. For the current project DirectPay they have been brainstorming on this idea to fine-tune the product and by adding new features and adding future value propositions for DirectPay.


Kanishka Weeramunda

Director / Founder

Dinesh Karunathilaka

Director / Founder

Sasindu Pathiranage

Director / Co-Founder