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Test Everything

Entering our sandbox allows you to get a feel for the DirectPay experience before applying for a merchant account or going to production.

Future of Payments
Your provider for easy and secure online payments

As your provider of online payments, DirectPay supports you in accepting direct debit and credit card payments in your online store as well as in-app payments or mobile payments.
DirectPay’s e-payment solution allows secure and easy online payments. As a payment provider, we place the highest value on security standards for our online payment systems.

DirectPay IPG
The easiest integration of direct debit you’ll ever experience

Our IPG is all about direct debits that aims at going cardless. The solution offers a quick, secure and reliable payment check-out facility using a dynamic QR code for all manner of eCommerce platforms. Since it utilizes a direct debit system, customer retention is high due to the fact that customers are not lost through card expiry or cancellation. This product provides a seamless check-out experience that supports both Web and Mobile options.

Credit Card IPG
Accept all major credit and debit cards

Let your business accept Credit or Debit Card payments safely & securely with just one sign up & one technical integration. You can now take your business global, accept online payments; All-In-One Solution.

Seamless Payments
Making seamless e-payments a reality

Get the kind of service your business deserves while providing your customers with the shopping experience they deserve! Save time and resources by implementing DirectPay’s developer-friendly API, using all the relevant payment methods right from the start. DirectPay guarantees a flawless and an easy integration for a seamless user experience.