• Internet Payment Gateway is a gateway that enables e-commerce businesses to collect payments through internet for the product or service sold. Customers can make online payments by entering their credit/debit card, mobile wallet or bank account credentials on the Internet Payment Gateway secured web page which is provided by authorised aggregators. An online payment gets approved immediately in few seconds if your customer has funds in their account and will receive the funds directly to your local bank account.

• An online payment facilitates businesses to accept payments from their customers via internet. As a business, now collecting a payment is just few clicks away. Neither, they don’t have to wait weeks or months to collect payments or waste time waiting in queues at the banks.

• Compare and choose the best plan that suits your business. DirectPay offers 3 flexible Service plans that vary from Starter, Pro & Privilege. Compare plans

• It is completely free for you to apply for a DirectPay Business Account. We don’t charge any fee on application process nor initial set up.

• Visa, Mastercard and American Express
• LankaQR

DirectPay supports following currencies for you to accept online payments.
o LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee)
o USD (United States Dollar)

• If your business doesn’t have a website, and you’re thinking of accepting online payments. Yes, we’ve got a solution for you. You can on-board with DirectPay Link payment solution and simply accept payments via sending links to your customer’s mobile. Subsequently, customer will have to open the link and fill his/her card details. This payment solution allows you to get paid easily even without having your own website.

• If your business has a mobile application, then you can integrate with DirectPay Mobile SDK to enable seamless online payment within your app.

• If your business has e-commerce website, such as OpenCart or WooCommerce. You can simply install Our DirectPay Plugins for your shopping cart platform & configure it.

• If you want your business to integrate in code-level on your native website or web application, you can use our DirectPay Checkout API for one-time Payments or DirectPay Recurring API for recurring payments or subscriptions.

• DirectPay is well-known financial technology company, where our focus is on the security, affordability and reliability for your customers to make seamless payments via DirectPay Internet Payment Gateway Service.

• DirectPay facilitates you to accept local & global online payment methods through a single platform. Hassle free as now your business doesn’t have to integrate their payment methods one by one nor manage in different portals at different rate. DirectPay offers simplified online payment methods, such as Checkout APIs, Payment Links, Mobile SDKs & Shopping-cart Plugins.

• DirectPay opens doors for all the business entity in Sri Lanka to on-board with DirectPay Business Account. See Application Process on how you can get on-board with DirectPay.

Founded in 2018, DirectPay revolutionizes the payment platforms by putting together a combination of innovative features and seamless technology in order to provide the best solutions for our customers. Our acquiring bank is Cargills Bank PLC and we are PCI DSS complaint.

• Yes. DirectPay supports Recurring payments & manages the Subscriptions for you.

• Yes. DirectPay support automated payments (tokenization) & manages the Preapprovals for you.

• Not at all. Your customers can directly use their existing payment instruments such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets or Internet Banking credentials to pay you in seconds.

• DirectPay settles online payments automatically to your bank account on a T+3 basis but if you do have a Cargills bank account then will run on T+2 settlement cycle (2 days after receiving Payment Notification)

• Yes. There are per payment limits & monthly payment limits depending on the Service Plan you select.

Application process

1. Who can on-board with DirectPay?

  • DirectPay opens doors for all the business entity in Sri Lanka to get on-board with a DirectPay Business Account.

2. What are the requirements to apply for a DirectPay Business Account?

  • Business Registration in Sri Lanka
  • A Bank Account (LKR) under the Business name

3.What are the steps to apply for a DirectPay Business Account?

DirectPay has prioritized the convenience over red tape by setting an Online Application Process where you can apply online within few minutes. You can follow the steps given below.


Create a user account & verify your email address.

Sign In

Sign in to your account, fill out the online application form & submit it.


Download the DirectPay Merchant Agreement and fill it with your details. Then print and sign it, complying with the instructions given. Lastly, upload the soft copy and post the original copy to the postal address shown on the screen.

That's it. Following which you will get notified once your application gets approved after going through the merchant verification process handled by our partner bank in order to be compliant with the Central Bank regulations.

4. Who should sign the Merchant Agreement?

  • It depends on your business registration type.
  • Sole Proprietorship - The proprietor should sign the agreement on Proprietor seal.
  • Partnership - All the partners of your business should sign the agreement on Partner seal.
  • Limited Liability Company - Two directors should sign on Director seal. If your company has only one director, the Director & the Company Secretary should sign the agreement on their appropriate seal.

5. What are the allowed Business Registration types?

  • Sole Proprietorship Partnership
  • Private Limited Company
  • Clubs & Societies

6. Do I need to have a current account under by Business name?

  • You can either have a current or a saving account. However it should be under your business name.

7. How long will it take to approve my application?

  • Your application has to go through a merchant screening process handled by our partner bank in order to be compliant with the Central Bank regulations. Therefore it could take up to a week.

8. What happens if my application is rejected?

  • If there are issues in your application, you will be informed about them via Email & you have the chance to resolve those issues & resubmit the application. You will not be able to reapply, only if you’re rejected due to CRIB issues or you’ve been blacklisted by Card Networks like Visa or Mastercard

9. Our Business is not registered yet. Can we apply?

  • Unfortunately No. But the good news is, you can register your business simply as a sole-proprietorship or a partnership & then apply for a DirectPay Business Account.

10. Why we need to have a Business Registration?

  • Currently, DirectPay accepts online payments from only registered businesses. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have a business registration under your business name to prove the ownership.

11. Can freelancers get on-board with a DirectPay merchant account?

  • Yes of course, you can register your business as Sole Proprietorship and open a Cargills bank account under your business name. Then you can create a Merchant account to receive payments securely to your Cargills Bank Account.

Sandbox & Testing

DirectPay facilitates the testing environment for business to test the integrations with your site and get used to DirectPay Merchant Portal. Sandbox is an artificial live DirectPay platform, where it helps business to understand how DirectPay Merchant procedure works. This testing environment can give your business the experience of how the live DirectPay platform works before you get on-board with a live account.

No. The payments you test in Sandbox will never process. Because Sandbox masquerades to be a live Platform, where it will artificially show as the payment has been processed to perform the integration testing but in real case the payment won’t process.